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My name is Tessa. I’m a cook, educator, presenter, recipe writer, public speaker and a lover of all things food! Born in New Zealand but now based in beautiful Queensland, when I’m not experimenting in the kitchen you can find me travelling the world discovering new cuisines, or exploring all that the great Australian outdoors has to offer.

My love of cooking started when I was a little girl with a big sweet tooth. At the age of about 9 years old I started baking sweets on my own and after a couple of years of studying my Mum’s recipe books I began to challenge myself with more complex and sophisticated meals. Fast forward a few more years and I have developed a cooking style that is refined, elegant and simplistic. I love fresh, vibrant and local produce as well as interesting and unusual ingredients. I enjoy cooking all types of cuisines, particularly South-East Asian, Indian, French and Italian. I love creating aesthetically pleasing dishes and I’m a firm believer that food should always look as beautiful as it tastes.  

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